Banco Central de la República Argentina



The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) has been the governing body of the financial system since 1935. It is in charge of the country's monetary policy and its purpose is to promote monetary stability, financial balance, and economic development.

We collaborate in the creation of #SaberEsCentral, a digital platform that allows incorporating financial capabilities for the daily life of citizens.


The objective of the campaign was to communicate the different regulations that the Bank dictates through easy, clear and simple information.

We organize, conceptualize and produce innovative, impactful and dynamic digital content for different channels. Videos, animations, images and texts are adapted to different formats to reach specific audiences, defined by interest and not by platform.


A website that houses content, a family of animated characters and video interviews with Bank collaborators, explain the different rules in familiar and educational formats for each audience. Networks are articulated as channels to guide traffic to the website, in turn, these messages contain specific and limited information (information snacks).

Tholön + BCRA


We understand Social Networks as a vehicle of dissemination and amplification of content for specific audiences, with differentiated tones, styles and features. Each one of the networks contains the multiple audiences within it, and each one of these audiences deserves a message adapted particularly in pursuit of communication efficiency.

BCRA, in its role as expert and maximum exponent of the Argentine financial culture, provides accessible information. The purpose is to facilitate the consumption of information and transform concepts and technical words into simple and friendly data.

Strategically focused and with measurable results, the objective of the campaign was to influence users to incorporate financial capabilities by modifying their attitudes and behaviors.