Banco Macro



With almost 500 branches throughout the country, high-level deposits and financial flow plus sustained growth of its assets, Banco Macro remains the number one private bank of Argentina. Its support for the regional economies makes it the bank with the greatest expansion in the interior of the national territory.

For more than 10 years at Tholön we have been in charge of developing Banco Macro's Sustainability and Annual Reports, both publications that communicate the main values of the company.


We work to connect the user with relevant information. Storytelling, short and personalized runs in digital printing, micro sites, snack content, data visualization and infographics become indispensable tools to generate attractive and pertinent communications for increasingly specialized audiences.

“Systems are becoming more agile, business models more complex, and the new digital economy demands innovative solutions.”

Tholön + Banco Macro


Digital transformation is the current challenge of innovative organizations. Stakeholders are changing the way they interact like never before. Smart companies see reporting as a focal communication tool that enhances the brand experience.

There is a tendency to produce reports with sensitive information material for decision-making at the managerial level. Annual reports and sustainability reports become essential instruments for building a company's public image.

Companies begin to realize that the effectiveness of reporting lies in communicating relevant information, appropriately at the right time to each of their audiences.

With the aim of creating future value, for more than a decade we have helped Banco Macro to report its achievements.