Contents. Consultancy. Engineering. Mediapro is synonymous of media in the European market. A leading group in the generation and distribution of television and film products, the transmission of sporting events, advertising marketing and technical assistance for the audiovisual industry.

We've designed the Mediapro brand and graphic system. In close collaboration with Zeligstudio, we've developed this living global identity, which condenses the cinematic essence of content transmission.



The branding reflects a multifaceted vision of reality that permeates in a contemporary way all the products and services that the company offers. Three capsules or buttons combine to form the M Mediapro associating the brand with technological aspects of online transmission.

A company, a product or a service is visually manifested through its identity. Clear communication and positive customer experiences add value to the business. A concept, a name, a shape, a font or a suitable color makes the difference when it comes to creating, reinventing or repositioning a brand.

“Like branding, identity is now incorporated into a larger dimension. It is no longer just about identifying, but generating a total image in the mind of the target audience.”

Joan Costa

Tholön + Mediapro

Global branding

A global system proposes the construction of a single concept for all the markets in which the company operates. The challenge is to achieve a powerful and unique meaning, sometimes less flexible but more optimized, to be managed in an agile and synergistic way. One meaning, one brand.

Developing identities for high growth and rapidly expanding companies like Mediapro requires design strategies based on four concepts: simple, useful, solid and global.

Specializing in branding and identity, we are building visual solutions since 1996 that add value to companies, products and services.