Aware that vehicle production involves caring for nature and a responsible link with the community, Renault is an international company with a long history in Argentina. A path that began in 1955 and continues to project into the future. Years of history, millions of manufactured cars and dozens of committed workers make up the engine of a constantly evolving company.

For more than a decade we have been supporting Renault in the areas of communication, marketing and sustainability. Naming, brands, campaigns, reports and a wide range of future-oriented projects make us partners in ensuring brand consistency across all of its platforms.


We strive to provide an agile and efficient service, our goal is to ensure that all company interactions are an integral part of the identity, simplifying and making profitable communications.


Tholön + Renault

360 communication

Demographics within the workplace are changing substantially. There is less and less interaction in the workspace, and remote collaboration requires more transparency and feedback. In this new environment, communication plays an essential role in aligning different teams with common goals.

New technology tools contribute positively to the employee experience. If they are connected to the business and understand the company's philosophy and values, levels of commitment are likely to translate into business results.

Communications within large companies require simple and flexible systems capable of adapting to different needs. We are convinced that the development of effective internal communication systems allows a direct alignment between the brand strategy and the company's values.