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Working on a new identity for Argentine tourism is a challenging and satisfying task. Side by side with the team of the Instituto Nacional de Promoción Turística (INPROTUR), we work on the creation of a brand for the tourism development of Argentina designed to promote the country as an international destination with many attractions.

Focused on determining the meaning of “Argentina, an exceptional country” in a global context. How is it different from other tourist destinations? What competitive advantage can Argentine tourism claim for itself while competing with other places?

Visit Argentina was relaunched with a new energy and new objectives. We work on the redefinition of values and on the elaboration of a renewing brand narrative, as well as on the creation of a new visual language. The objective was to capture the essence of Argentina's tourism offer and open it to the world through an inspiring, versatile and attractive brand expression.

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Visit Argentina manual de identidad
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The new sign is decisive to express the change in the essence and narrative of the brand. Diversity, sustainability and the multiplicity of offerings are represented by the simple form and the organic movement that symbolizes infinity. Argentina is an exceptional country. Extension, variety and contrasts are its distinguishing characteristics. Culture, myths, legends, nature, climates, landscapes, architecture, gastronomy, the warmth of its people; Avant-garde and tradition, make up the tourist experience proposed by the new promise of the brand.

The infinity, some binoculars, some wheels, a bicycle, some waves, some attentive eyes of our people, represent the plurality of options. We reinforce this idea with the initials of the brand “V” and “A”, which form opposing arrows that invite you to travel the immensity of a country that stretches from north to south.

Visit Argentina iconos

“Si el espacio es infinito estamos en cualquier punto del espacio. Si el tiempo es infinito estamos en cualquier punto del tiempo”.

Jorge Luis Borges


For the logo we developed a personalized version of the Quicksand typeface adapting the shape of the different letters of the words “Visit Argentina” in order to create a unique and distinctive personality. We create graphic tools to define the visual language. Inspirational images and horizontal and vertical shapes merge to create a holistic, simple and visually stimulating brand identity.

The project was completed with a comprehensive corporate design that included the development of a user manual for the new graphic system. As a unifying element, the new brand helps the various groups within the tourism universe to behave and communicate in a more cohesive way inside and outside Argentina.

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Developing a destination brand can help improve people's positive perceptions of cities, regions, and countries. It is about articulating differential values and amplifying them to achieve maximum empathy. The destination brand is driven by three main factors: reputation, identity and perception. We work on the impact that this brand can have on its environment including tourism, the economy, local pride and reputation.

We use our design expertise to develop a visual system that fuels emotion, projects brand culture, and creates value. We work alongside the client to truly understand their goals and nuances. The goal of Visit Argentina is to attract visitors by promoting the specific and differential characteristics of Argentina as a tourist destination. After an in-depth analysis, we developed the base of the strategic narrative positioning Argentina as a destination focused on the diversity of experiences.

We are proud to have contributed to the challenge of developing Argentina's tourism brand, helping in the process of positioning the country as a unique tourist destination.