Faena Hotel



Icon of Buenos Aires city, Faena Hotel + Universe stands for a new space of design, culture, technology, art, architecture, gastronomy. The idea was from Alan Faena together with the renowned French architect and industrial designer Philippe Starck. Located in Puerto Madero area and with an investment of $150 million, today it is among the most select hotels in the world

Thanks to teamwork and creativity, we developed an exquisite visual identity that spread throughout the entire Faena Group and maximize the brand experience.


The idea of the Faena Universe was to reissue the Belle Epoque and bring it to the present, proposing a new way of living cities and culture. This Louis XVI style with touches of modernism allowed creating a unique and innovative space.

The challenge was to communicate this aesthetic break that does not respond to passing trends and breaks paradigms, that unfolds airs of other times and encourages pioneering habits. Inspired by the neo-empire style, which is characterized by a recharged and sophisticated visual universe. The concept was built with a red based color palette, in tune with the hotel's atmosphere.


Everything evolves, and also the hotels. A five star is no longer the combination of lobby + restaurant + rooms + spa, now it takes forms that respond to objectives that go beyond rest, food and relaxation. The Faena Hotel + Universe is an example of this. Each guest is received by an Experience Manager whose mission is to fulfill the tourist, commercial or cultural wishes and expectations of those who visit the city.

Our mission was to highlight that innovative spirit that allows us to find stimulating spaces, flavors, art and shows. We work on the construction of a visual narrative that accompanies this concept, along with the development of the brand and the design of corporate pieces. The result was a contemporary visual identity, with a hedonistic and self-referential approach, with the ability to transmit the brand's core values. An identity reduced to the essential, a subtly ornamented graphic sign. Faena is a short word with graphically interesting characters, accompanied by a claim that puts the focus on the experiential experience.

“Alan Faena along with his super group of architectural stars and design craftsmen, brings to life worlds that create in their own immaculate reality, places that, while ethereal and romantic, are perfectly believable, humane and sincere.”

Baz Luhrmann

Tholön + Faena Hotel


Brands already know that it is not enough to sell products or services, their offer must be accompanied by experiences and emotions, they must be able to make the user vibrate, they must transmit to their public the values and ethics that they declare as identity.

The Faena Hotel assumes that mission. They want their guests to discover the magic of this luxury hotel through its history, food, architecture and traditions. That they have unrepeatable experiences in environments that expand the imagination and awaken creativity, whether they are artistic spaces, residences or elite accommodation in the most dynamic cities in the world.

Everything that surrounds Faena Hotel & Universe is inspired with style, avant-garde and transformation. It leaves no one indifferent. With our work, we develop the vision of an entrepreneur willing to change the rules of the game. We've lived closely the birth of this universe and worked to maximize the experience with a strong visual identity.

We are proud to have collaborated with the launch of this extraordinary brand that today spreads across the planet.