Feria del Libro
de Buenos Aires



The International Book Fair of Buenos Aires is one of the most important cultural events in Argentina and the territory of the Spanish language. Since 1975 it has become the meeting point for authors, publishers and readers. More than a million guests visit the 1,500 exhibitors each year and participate in hundreds of cultural activities.

Working closely with the Fundación El Libro team, we help redesign the brand experience, revitalizing the visual system on all its platforms. As an international cultural event, the objective was to generate a solution that challenges its different audiences and is truly for everyone.


Considering the book as a strategic point for cultural transmission, we generated a flexible, fluid and multifaceted brand system with which the fair stands out within the communication mass, creating emotions and facilitating the expansion of the system to its entire universe.


“Culture is the deep exercise of identity.”

Julio Cortázar

Tholön + Feria
del Libro


We've generated a unique branding system, which enables the Book Fair to stand out to millions of users and potential customers. Brand visibility, as a central objective of the marketing strategy, drove the development of this renewed identity system.

The new brand is easily recognized by its audience and expands into a wide system of fonts, colors, shapes and images that allows for articulation and synergy between its communications.

We believe that brand systems are an effective and strategic tool that allows us to stand out from the competition, inspire and retain audiences over the long term, facilitating the management and understanding of communications.